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Vaping Torden e-liquids
For the vaper who takes his enjoyment seriously.

Torden was born of timeless Nordic values – a belief in simplicity, a devotion to craft and a desire to explore. Bring these all together with modern American ingenuity and you have a vaping experience that is more intense and more memorable than any other.

We know your expectations are high, which means you won’t compromise with your e-liquid. That’s why we don’t compromise. Each batch of our premium e-liquid is thoughtfully crafted, and instilled with the spirit of our master blenders. Only then does it earn our symbol, the thunderbolt, which represents the purity, strength and character of Torden e-liquids.

Flavors created with a respect for the purity of tradition.

Artisans and craftsmen throughout the ages have remained true to a simple principle – mastering a craft takes great care, attention to detail, and strength of character. This is a principle we at Torden have taken to heart, and it shows in every drop of e-liquid we create.

We craft our e-liquids to exacting standards, using only exceptional ingredients which are tested, certified and pure. The result is authentic, bold flavors that not only excite your palette, but transport you to the places from which they are drawn.

Vape Torden e-liquids
Vaping Torden e-liquids
A demanding process built on expertise and experience.

Ours is a rigorous product creation process. It begins with our master blenders, who are inspired by nature and the world around us to experiment with and perfect the intense flavors Torden is known for. We then test these creations with our expert vapers. Once flavors of true character have been developed, they are codified, blended and bottled to the highest standards and with the finest ingredients.

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Torden Destinations – Georgia

Reminiscent of gentlemanly hospitality and sunny afternoons, Sweet Georgia gives you a strong, pure, ripe peach flavor with distinct floral notes and a clean, refreshing sweetness.

Sep 16
By Gunnar

Torden Destinations – Mt McKinley

Born of rugged, craggy peaks and icy windswept glaciers, McKinley Glacial shocks with an intense, long lasting taste of spearmint from draw to finish, with a hint of cool lime in the exhale.