05 Jan 16  ·  By Nathan

What you can learn about Vaping from Vikings.

Welcome to Torden, and hyggelig å møte deg (that’s Norwegian for ‘Glad to meet you’). We’re an American e-liquid company that has taken on a decidedly Nordic way of thinking. It may sound strange, I know, but it works.

How does it work? Two words: simplicity and intensity. Two words you could use to describe the Nordic aesthetic, and the Vikings if you had a mind to. Think about it – the Vikings lived simple lives, but were extremely intense when they needed to be. We’ve taken those values (minus the raiding and pillaging) and applied them to making e- liquids.

It starts with simplicity. Creating unpretentious flavors that vapers crave. With our strong tobacco flavors, concentrated fruit and sweet dessert flavors, Torden hits the mark. You could say that’s the easy part. So our master blenders took it a couple of steps further. What makes us different is the breath-taking intensity of our flavors. Powerful, clean peach in our Sweet Georgia e-liquid. Strong, ripe cherry in Garbo Mist. Ice cold spearmint in our McKinley Glacial. In fact, every flavor of Torden e-liquid is a taste bud tingling experience of intense flavor that satisfies.

Experienced vapers have commented that Torden vapes are some of the most intense e- liquids they’ve ever tried, and some of the best. We’d love to share that level of satisfaction with you, too. So, if you like to vape, and are looking for intense flavors that you can enjoy throughout the day, give Torden a go.

From all of us at Team Torden