11 Jul 16  ·  By Nathan

How to choose a great vape shop #3: Knowledge is King.

If you’re new to vaping, there is nothing better than having a knowledgeable guide to help you discover the best rig and e-liquids for you. And even if you’re a highly experienced vaper, there’s one thing a vape shop can bring to the table to make your vaping experience even better: Product Knowledge.

So when you go to a vape shop and start getting into the nuts and bolts of vaping, you want to make sure that the shop has an expert on hand. If you’re just starting your vaping journey, a good local vape shop can be your best place to start. Knowledgeable employees will be able to explain the basics to beginners. They’ll also be able to cover the technical aspects of regulated and mechanical mods, complex rebuildable tanks and coils for veteran cloud chasers. Vape shop employees should be up on the latest trends and be able to suggest the appropriate products to help fine tune your vaping experience. And every vape shop should have at least one true expert on-hand to handle the most advanced questions.

One indicator that a vape shop has knowledgeable staff is how they organize their products. Great vape shops tend to organize themselves into sections – hardware, accessories, e-liquids – instead of combining everything into a single sales cabinet. This tends to drive the salespeople to specialize and have a deeper understanding of the products they are helping you with, whether that be liquids, or batteries or the newest re-buildable atomizer. In any case, whether your new to vaping or experience, expect knowledgeable, expert staff to be professional, friendly, and above all else, patient.

Shop Showcase: Metroplex Vapor Lounge

Lake Worth, Texas is home to one of Dallas/Fort Worth’s premier vape shops – Metroplex Vapor Lounge. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly, whether helping a new vaper narrow down the best PV, or creating handmade, high quality hardline mods with custom laser engraving for vaping veterans. Better yet, the folks at Metroplex share their product and vape business expertise with other vape shops, because they aren’t in the business just to support themselves – they’re in it to support the whole industry. Check them out: http://www.metroplexvaporlounge.com/ And when you’re in Lake Worth, stop in and say hello.

Remember, if you walk into an electronics retailer or any other retail shop, you would expect the staff to know the products and share their expertise with you. The same goes for vape shops. A great shop will be able to read a customer and fine tune their solutions to suit that customer’s needs. They will discuss details like battery usage and how to vape safely. The best vape shops will even highlight their expertise by offering services such as rebuilding atomizers, or providing lessons for those wishing to learn themselves. So be on the lookout for shops that want to share their product knowledge with you – you’ll have found a great one.

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