29 Jun 16  ·  By Nathan

How to choose a great vape shop #2: Show me the product.

Whether you’re new to vaping, or experienced, there is one thing that makes choosing the right vaping rig and e-liquids simpler: Product Range.

After all, vaping is an ever-evolving practice in experimentation – with Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) and Direct-to-Lung (DTL) set ups, different tanks and coils, not to mention exploring the wide world of e-liquid flavors that’s out there. So shelves stacked with a diverse range of products from many manufacturers make finding what you’re looking for that much easier.

When you visit a vape shop, you want to take a look at a few things. Is the shop organized and clean? Are the shelves stocked or empty? Are there informative displays? Are samples available?

Plus, all types of users should be able to find hardware and accessories that suit their vaping experience. From cig-alike e-cigarettes and a choice of mods, to the essentials like batteries, atomizers, tanks, and more. And when it comes to flavors, a great vape shop should stock a large assortment of e-liquid, including top brands like Torden. Some of the best even make their own brand e-juice. Service

Showcase: Smokes 4 Less Kissimmee

This great combination vape & smoke shop, located on East Vine Street in Kissimmee, FL, is under new management, and they’ve been expanding their product range from day one. They’re getting new stock in just about every day – from a wide range of e-liquid brands and flavors, including Torden, to lots of vape equipment and accessories. Everything you need to get fitted out with a great rig and find some e-liquids you’ll love. Check them out: http://smokes4lesskissimmee.com/ And if you happen to be around Kissimmee, drop in. They’ll be glad to see you.

Remember, while having a vape shop just down the street is an advantage, a poor range of products could easily outweigh the benefit of a convenient location. Ultimately, even if the staff are great and the store is fantastic, if the hardware and e-liquid selection doesn’t give you the vaping satisfaction you’re looking for then it's not worth your time shopping there.

When you find a vape shop that provides a great product range, you’re on the way to shopping at a place you can trust. Those are the kinds of shops we at Torden look to work with, too.

Next week, we’ll discuss the importance of product knowledge and how knowledgeable vape shop staff can make your vaping experience the best it can be.

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