18 Jul 16  ·  By Nathan

How to choose a great vape shop #4: A Community You Can Count On.

In the final installment of our How to Choose a Great Vape Shop series, we cover one of the more intangible things you want to look for in your local vape shop: A Commitment to the Vaping Community.

As you progress on your vaping journey, a great local vape shop can provide you with more than just product knowledge – it can give you connections to the vaping community, support, help, and other local resources such as vaping groups. Because a great vape shop will be active in that community. They should be involved in, and tell you about, local vaping group events. Plus, those terrific vape shops are a great place to meet, interact and share with other vapers, and inject yourself into the community. They open their doors to all vapers and even host meets and local clubs. You should feel that you can walk in and discuss not just the latest mods and e-juices, but also vaping culture, and the latest news in the industry.

Ultimately, great vape shops visibly show their support for vaping and the vaping community at large. Which means they go above and beyond, supporting vaping causes, upholding industry groups, fighting to establish standards, and are visible in their local business community. They support consumer advocacy groups like CASAA, and trade associations like SFATA. 

Shop Showcase: Steam Vape Lounge

Down the Lebanon Road in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, you’ll find the Steam Vape Lounge. There are a couple of things that set the folks at Steam apart. First, they stock only premium product brands, from the top-end of vaporizers and accessories, to some of the best e-liquids available today. Second, they are great supporters of their local vaping community, and enjoy introducing new vapers into it. Plus, they’re active in making sure that vaping is given the respect it deserves. Check them out: http://www.steamvapelounge.com/ Get yourself down to Mount Juliet, and stop in for a vape and a chat.

These are the vape shops that truly represent the best in our vaping community, providing the welcome services and products vapers need, and standing with vapers to protect the product that has helped so many. So be on the lookout for shops that are helping to build the vaping community – you’ll have found a great one.

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