23 Aug 16  ·  By Nathan

Torden Destinations – Boston

From the old, cultured streets of Boston comes the revolutionary, complex taste of Boston Crème. The richness of crème brûlée and the smokiness of aged whiskey are balanced by ripe sultanas and a sharp raspberry finish.

Torden’s Boston Crème e-liquid is inspired by the city that is known as The Cradle of Liberty. This revolutionary flavor delivers a taste as rich as Boston’s history and as sharp as Boston’s people.

The City On A Hill

Founded in 1630, Boston has always represented an ideal. Whether it is called The City on a Hill, The Hub of the Universe, or The Athens of America, Boston is an American bastion of brave thinkers and dedicated citizens. A melting pot of English, Irish, Italians, and more recently Haitians, Chinese and Vietnamese, the range of cultures that make up Boston make it an exciting global city.

Boston’s main claim to fame, of course, is its place in the American Revolution. From the Boston Massacre and Paul Revere’s ride, to battles against the British at Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill, Boston sat at the very heart of America’s fight for independence. And it started with the Boston Tea Party, when a group of fed-up colonials resisted British taxes on tea by dumping a huge shipment of British tea into Boston harbor (we like to think they would have enjoyed a vape afterwards).

A City Of Inspiration

You can explore Boston’s historic Revolution-era sites along the Freedom Trail. This 2.5mile trail, marked by a red brick line that runs through downtown, starts at the Boston Common – incidentally, the first public park in the US – and ends at the Bunker Hill Monument, which commemorates the 140 Colonials who were killed in the Battle of Bunker Hill. Along the way, you can see where some of the 19th century’s greatest authors met (the Old Corner Bookstore), as well as the oldest commissioned warship still afloat (the USS Constitution).

There’s more to Boston than its revolutionary past, however. The music scene is electric. Great bands like Aerosmith, The Cars, The Pixies, J. Geils Band, Boston (of course), and many others got their start in this city. In every corner of Boston you can find bands and singers doing their thing, whether their thing is rock, new wave, punk, ska, hip hop, world music – the list goes on, with something for everybody.

When it comes to sports, Boston is truly unmatched. In fact, between the Boston Celtics, the New England Patriots, the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Bruins, this city has aptly been dubbed “Titletown” for all the trophies they’ve brought home. From Tom Brady taking the ball downtown for a TD, to Big Papi driving long balls time and again, Boston’s dominant sports teams make for some great watching.

Then there’s food, festivals and parades, and Boston has a lot of them. If you’re ready to eat and revel in the streets, St. Anthony’s Feast in Boston’s North End is the perfect event. This traditional Italian street festival has street entertainment, lots of vendors and loads of food. Or if you’re more of a parade type person, there’s the St. Patrick’s Day parade in all its Irish glory – plus, on St. Paddy’s Day, you’re guaranteed to get green beer at just about every bar downtown.

There’s a lot going on in Boston. History, culture, sports, food, fun – Beantown hits all the marks (and points to whoever can tell us why Boston is called “Beantown”!). Check in with us as we continue to explore our Torden Destinations, so you can learn more about the places that inspire our e-liquids.