20 Sep 16  ·  By Gunnar

Torden Destinations – Mt McKinley

Born of rugged, craggy peaks and icy windswept glaciers, McKinley Glacial shocks with an intense, long lasting taste of spearmint from draw to finish, with a hint of cool lime in the exhale.

The highest mountain peak in North America inspired Torden’s McKinley Glacial e-liquid. This clean, clear menthol flavor gives you a refreshing blast of the mountain’s frosty wind chill with every draw.

The High One

Our e-liquid’s namesake is now formally known by the name the native Koyukon people gave it centuries ago – Denali, which means “The High One”. However, our menthol eliquid pays tribute to the almost 100 year run under the name Mt. McKinley. This monster of a mountain is the highest peak in North America, topping out at a summit elevation of 20,310 feet above sea level. And it is a cold, unforgiving height.

To reach the summit, climbers must brave a dangerous landscape. And since 1903, the first recorded attempt to scale Mt. McKinley, The High One has claimed 96 lives. With over six million acres of mile high granite gorges, ancient glaciers and icy peaks, roving grizzly bears and packs of wolves, and howling winds that drop the temperature down to -118°F, it’s no surprise.

An Exciting Adventure

But don’t let Mt. McKinley’s forbidding terrain stop you. There’s lots more to do on and around Mt. McKinley and Denali National Park than just climbing the mountain. You can experience the lush forest that surrounds Mt. McKinley along the Taiga Trail, which takes you to beautiful Horseshoe Lake. And if you’re in the mood for more of a challenge, veer off the Taiga Trail to access the Mount Healy Overlook Trail. This tough trail climbs 1,700 feet, and can take up to four hours one way, leading you up some extremely steep paths. But when you reach the trail’s end, the incredible overlooks of the park entrance, the Nenana River Valley and alpine ridges make it worth the effort. Remember that, while hiking, be sure to make noise to notify bears of your presence – it’s the best way to keep them away. 

If hiking’s not your thing, take a big step up the mountain with a glacier landing flight. A plane will take you up to one of the five large glaciers that flow off the slopes of the mountain. It’s the kind of experience that gives you an awe-inspiring, close-up view of the mountain, and an exhilarating blast of that frosty Mt. McKinley air.

You can also tackle some of the best salmon fishing in the world, as you hook Chinook, Sockeye and Coho salmon from the banks of the Chulitna, Susitna or Talkeetna rivers. And afterwards, get yourself down to the town of Talkeetna where you can find some great dining. There are both cafés and fine dining restaurants with stunning views of Mt. McKinley, like the Base Camp Bistro, or the Foraker Dining Room. And if you want to embrace the mountain’s climbing culture a little more, you can visit the historic Talkeetna Roadhouse to get great food and see cool climbing memorabilia. Or step into the West Rib Pub and Grill to dig into a delicious caribou burger and a beer in the company of climbers who have conquered the mountain.

Mt. McKinley is a prime Torden destination for the man who likes to get out into nature and challenge himself. The natural beauty and clean, icy air make a refreshing change from the everyday, just like McKinley Glacial e-liquid from Torden. Check in with us as we continue to explore our Torden Destinations, so you can learn more about the places that inspire our e-liquids.